Rent only as much space as you need, and easily transfer between sizes if your needs change. Our storage consultants will assist you in determining the appropriate size unit to fit your particular storage and budget.

Sizes range from 4x5 (20 square feet) to 10x30 (300 square feet). Our 8x10 and 10x10 units each have 8' tall ceilings, however, most of our units have 10' ceilings. All of our units are ground level. We do have a wide range of sizes which are drive-up accessible and better suited for larger pieces of furniture. We also offer hallway units that are all conveniently located less than 25 feet away from the driveway which means we can always place you just about the length of your vehicle, away from your vehicle.

Below is a general guideline to determine what size is right for you. We have 16 different sizes ranging in cost from $67.00 to $345.00 and everything in between. Be certain and plan properly and take advantage of the cubic feet that your unit will provide.

Square feet = length x width, Cubic feet = length x width x height. We will always be glad to assist you with any questions that you might have.

4' X 5'

20 will hold book shelves twin mattresses, small dresser, or smaller pieces of furniture and boxes
5' X 9'

45 Best for couch, and furniture plus boxes
5' X 10'

50 Popular size for storing one room plus boxes
5' X 14

70 Very economical for business records
8' X10'

80 Will hold a studio apartment
10' X 10'

100 One bedroom apartment
10' X 15'

150 Two bedroom apartment
10' X 19'


Three bedroom house, commercial storage

10' X 24'

240 Large house, vehicle, commercial storage
10' X 30'

300 Large house, vehicle, or commercial storage

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